Education Consulting & MSME Services

Education Consulting & MSME Services

A huge percentage of a nation’s workforce are employed in the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) sector, and many of them are unskilled, semi-literate or illiterate. Yet, without proper training, employees often let the business down, and managing an under-trained team of employees can be an almost impossible task.

A personal experience with this by the founders of OT Consulting led to the establishment of the company in 2006. The founders started out with the goal to provide training and professional development services for employees of MSMEs in Nigeria.

While OT Consulting has since grown into an international organization in the last decade-and-half, it has remained true to its founding mission of providing empowerment through education and training services. We have built an extraordinary team of teachers and trainers from every field.

Through our offices in Malaysia and Nigeria, we provide various kinds of education, training and consulting services to clients across Africa and South-East Asia. We empower individuals and organizations through:

Development of customized training programme

Design and development of curriculum packages

Technology integration for education

Instructional design

Manpower supply

Vocational training